Most of us have addictions.

We are all human and as such all have imperfections.

We often associate addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, smoking… However, addictions can take many forms such as overeating.., sex…, sleep…, etc.

Addictions are bad habits. We all have some bad habits.


Bad habits that become ingrained can seriously affect our lives.

Although we are spiritual beings, we are also in the flesh with appetites that can sometimes become disordered.


The first step in dealing with addictions is to be able to admit to ourselves that we have them. Then we need to decide that we want to do something about them.

In dealing with addictions that are not too ingrained we can deal with them through prayer and replacing them with good habits.

Sometimes we need extra help from others. Groups such as AA, Gambling Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc. are examples of such support groups that have a very good track record.


While it is often hard to deal with addictions, we do not have to become slaves to them.

Dealing with addictions is a journey, sometimes a lifelong journey.

Certainly, trusting in the power of God is a very powerful sustaining help.


Trying to find balance in our lifestyles is a good preventative way of dealing with addictions. We are always getting there with God’s help.