Lent is a good time for naming our addictions.


Addictions can take many forms:

Alcohol, Pornography, Food, Sex gossip, Lies, Losing one’s temper, sleep, judging, Bragging, drugs… etc…


Naming our addictions and acknowledging them is a good start.

Taking to the power of God is able to do so much more than we can ever do on our own.

Seeking help if necessary can also be a good Lenten practice as a start to dealing with addictions.


Additionally, addictions can be part of the search for ecstasy which is only fully fulfilled in God. We settle for the lesser and not the ultimate good and we keep getting disappointed!


They are a mistaken part of our search for being loved and belonging.

They are also part of gratification getting out of control…


Recapturing a sense of proportion and balance in our lives is an important aspect of Lent…


With God’s grace, I can choose freedom!