Today is the first day of the Advent season.

The liturgical calendar is a bit like a spiral staircase.


You can seem to be going around in circles but in fact, you are actually moving up.


There is a repetitive element to the liturgy.

We are reminded of fundamentals and important elements and aspects of faith and life.


Each time we visit a season we are invited to grow into what it symbolises.


In Advent, we are invited not to be stuck in humdrum mediocrity.


Advent prepares us for the celebration of Christmas, the remembrance of the birth of Jesus our saviour.


It is a time of thanksgiving for the revelation of God’s huge love in Jesus.


It is also about our own rebirth.


It is a time to reflect on our relationships.


Our relationships with:


God, ourselves and others as well as the rest of creation.


It is time to cooperate with God as we are pruned by the vinedresser God.


We are invited to let go of excess baggage.


We hear the echo of the words of Jesus.


‘Unless you become like little children you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.’





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