I attended a talk this week where we were reminded how important it is to give affirmation to each other.


One of my favourite words in scripture is the words of God the Father addressed to Jesus.


‘you are my beloved Son in whom I delight’


While these words are said to Jesus they are also through him said to us!


The more we believe this the more we can lovingly and unselfishly delight in each other.


The more we delight the more we can affirm each other. Through us, God’s grace can touch each other affirming our innate goodness and lovability.


When we name to another the gifts and Charisms we see in them we help them discover their lovability.


We know only too well our failures, mistakes, weakness and sinfulness.


These can contribute to the lie that we are no good, deficient, or inadequate.


Of course, no one is perfect. St Paul reminds us that when we can acknowledge our weakness to God, we are allowing him to make us strong.


We hear his words ‘You are my beloved child in whom I delight’…