All Saints

Today is All Saints Day. In the creed, we speak about the Communion of Saints. There is a deep connection between those who are living and those who have died.

Saint Paul tells us that love is eternal.


Jesus tells us that:

‘There are many rooms in my Father’s house, I am going ahead to prepare a place for you’, so that where I am you may be too, you know the way to where I am going‘. Thomas says ‘we do not know where you are going so how can we know the way‘.


Jesus replies:

‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.‘


The scriptures tell us that we share in the resurrection of Jesus.


Death has intrigued, puzzled, frightened, saddened etc. humanity for as long as we have existed as humans.


There are so many elaborate rituals, practises surrounding death in so many cultures throughout our history and in our times.

So many belief systems!


Jesus did really die and did really rise.

He is truly God among us.


He reveals to us our belief in what we call heaven.


Paul tells us that we shall be as He really is!

He also says that ‘God has prepared for us ‘what no eye has seen or ear heard‘. The scriptures tell us that what awaits us far surpasses all the good things that we have already experienced in this life.


There has also been this deep conviction in our Christian Church that the bond of love between the living and the dead is eternal.


We are still connected with those who have gone before us.

Just like we can pray for each other and support each other in this life so can those who have gone before us support us.

Hence when we ‘pray‘ to the dead i.e. the saints, we are really asking them to pray for us as we pray for each other.


We shall be together forever, we shall all share in Christ’s victory, we shall reign with him forever.