Always in need of reform

Today is the feast of St Peter Damian who was a great reformer in the church.


The church is composed of human beings who are frail and subject to human weakness.


We have ideals but do not always live by those ideals. Our own lives need ongoing review, renewal of commitment and fresh starts.

This time of Lent reminds us of this. It is a time of renewal and recommitment.


As a local church community, as a parish, as a diocese, as a national church and as a universal church we need ongoing reflection, discernment, renewal as well as reform.


We are not ‘lone rangers in the pursuit of reform. Indeed God often calls prophetic people to trigger reform. Some outstanding reformers have been St Francis of Assisi, St Charles Borromeo, St Catherine of Sienna, St Teresa of Avila… Saint Damien and so many others.


Reform is never about dividing the body of Christ. It needs to be part of communion, calling all to work together.


It is about things both old and new. It is never about ‘throwing away the baby with the bath water !’ Authentic reform is about fidelity and faithfulness and never about one’s ego!