Today is the feast of the Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

There is an amazing mystery in the wonderful miracle of creation.


The physical world of nature keeps amazing me. When I watch nature-based programs I keep being amazed at so much that I keep learning…


There has been a strong belief in our Judeo-Christian tradition of spiritual beings that we call Angels.


Certainly, the Bible speaks of them and Jesus believed in them.


In the scriptures, they are seen as friends, messengers of God, protectors, companions and more.


Our Christian tradition speaks of good Angels and fallen angels i.i, those who rebelled against God.


There is so much that we cannot see that science has shown us is real in our universe.


However, we try to explain to them that Angels are certainly part of our story. They are part of the experience of our Church family.


They represent for us God’s protective love, care and guidance.


They are part of the Sacred Wonder and Awe of God’s creation and Love.