Another Month

We have just started another month. Life is a journey with new opportunities for choices to be made.


Someone made a comment to me recently how in their opinion many chose to just do a bare minimum in terms of self-growth.


Decision-making takes effort. We can just react to life or we can act out on decisions that we make.


Living full human lives involves choices.


The values of Jesus invite us to live our lives to the fullest.


Travelling our journey with him is about living life to the fullest. He invites us not to be bystanders but to be fully immersed in life.


With Christ, we are invited into an adventure of love. It is an adventure that can often be counter-cultural.


We are reminded that we need a certain detachment from a preoccupation with the pursuit of gratification, power, and material possessions.


We are committed to respecting human life in all its stages from conception to death…


We are committed to a life of service finding ourselves when we give ourselves.