Anthony of Padua

Anthony lived from about 1195 – 1231.


He was Portuguese and joined the Augustinian order.


He was so impressed by five members of the new Franciscan order who had been martyred in Morocco that he joined the new order.


He planned to go to Africa on a mission. He became sick and was obliged to leave. The ship was carried to Sicily. He met St Francis in Italy.


He became a missionary combatting the Albigensian heresy in Southern France and Northern Italy.


He then settled in Padua where he became a teacher of theology.


He was also a great preacher touching the lives of many.


We can learn so much from St Anthony.


He was always ready to listen to God’s will. This meant changing orders and countries!


He was both a man of learning as well as a man who modelled his life on the Gospel.


The desire of doing God’s will is at the heart of being a Christian.

We also need to be lifelong learners of our faith. We are called not to count the cost of following God’s will.


We still remember St Anthony so many years after his death because he was indeed a true light of the world. He is still a living reminder of Jesus and the Gospel.