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“There is a restlessness in our heart until it rests in God. ” — St Augustine

I once heard a story of a man who lost something. He was on his hands and knees searching the ground for the lost item. It was dark but there was some light in patches around. Others observed him searching and asked him what he was doing. He said that he lost an important item dear to him and that he was looking for it. They promptly started searching with him close to where he was searching.

After a considerable time had passed by and the item was not found they asked the man if he was sure that this was the place where he had lost the item.

He said no and pointed out to the darkness beyond and said, “That’s where I dropped it!” They asked him why he was searching here and not there? He said, “There is more light here!!”

Sometimes we can be like that man. We can look for what is important to us in places where we cannot find what we are looking for.

We desire to be happy, at peace, contented, connected etc. Am I committed enough to seek what is important to me in the right places? Do I procrastinate? Do I put off making decisions? Do I apply band-aide treatment instead of dealing with real issues? Do I avoid going for the ‘Bull’s eye’ and shoot all over the place instead?

What is my clarity of purpose like in trying to achieve the goals that I really value? This can apply to games that people play in relationships e.g. giving the silent treatment instead of honestly communicating in an appropriate manner, or avoiding seeing someone instead of sorting out disagreements, and so many other ways of playing games instead of respectful and truthful interaction.

There is a hunger within us for union with God, as we have heard so many times, quoting Saint Augustine, “There is a restlessness in our heart until it rests in God.”

In his spiritual exercises St. Ignatius of Loyola encourages us to go for the ‘Bull’s eye’ in our spiritual journey.

In ‘The Principle and Foundation’ at the beginning of the Spiritual exercises often known as the ‘Ignatian retreat’ Ignatius invites the person doing the retreat to be clear of their objectives and ask God for the grace to act out of those objectives.

So we need to look for what really matters in the right places and not just in convenient and easy places.

We ask for the grace to be able to recognise anything in our lives where we are not looking for the ‘pearl or treasure of great price’ in where we cannot find it!

God Bless you today
+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin