Be ready

In today’s gospel, Jesus tells us to be ready. He tells us to be clear about our priorities. We are reminded to reflect on what is most important to us.‘Where your treasure is, there is also your heart.’Our hearts can sometimes be sidetracked and we can settle for the lesser and more immediate good. We can settle for instant gratifications. Settle for what is easier.We are reminded not to put off what needs to be done.Sometimes we can let fear or inertia and a certain laziness get in the way.Jesus reminds us that we have the privilege of being part of, having a share of the kingdom.We need to travel light, not be over-attached to material things, not get encumbered by excess baggage.We have been given so much by God:We know Jesus, we know about his death and resurrection and God’s unconditional love.

We have the sacraments, we have the church as teacher and mother, to whom much is given and much is expected.The gifts and talents that we have been given are never just for us.They are meant to be shared.It is in giving that we receive. However, we do not give so that we can receive.Love is indeed sufficient unto itself.


Image credit: Braden Collum via Unsplash