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Today is the feast of St Mathew, the Apostle.
Mathew was a tax collector. As such he was hated by many Jewish people since he was seen as a collaborator with the hated Romans.


Despite the stigma associated with Mathew’s profession, Jesus invited him to become an Apostle.
Mathew left everything and followed Jesus.
So many times, the Pharisees were scandalised by Jesus.


Mathew thew a party for Jesus, many tax collectors attended
The Pharisees could not understand why a man like Jesus would keep such ‘bad’ company!
I came to call sinners, he said,
The healthy do not need a doctor!


So often we have a tendency to stereotype others as being somewhat ‘less good’.


Of course, we cannot deny that people do bad things. However, there is always the possibility of new starts, healing and forgiveness.


This is indeed good news.


So many Saints were not ready-made saints. Some were indeed great sinners.


Jesus heals them:
Christ who healed Mathew invites all of us to be healed.
Letting Jesus heal us, helps us to be:
Wounded healers for others…


Yours in Christ,


+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin & NT


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