Being present to now

It has been a very full day today. There have been many talks at the conference.

In between talks I needed to contact the office a number of times about important matters.

I was ready to go and join my cousin and her husband for a meal. I was looking forward to catching up.


We had not seen each other for about three years due to Covid19.

As I was ready to go out to my cousin’s a phone call about a very important situation caught my attention. I needed to be present and put ‘dealing with this matter’ for later.


I went out and enjoyed a lovely meal with my family.


A number of times I felt tired. I needed to keep reminding myself to live in the moment, to be present in the moment.


Intentionally being present saves energy that we otherwise can waste in anxiety.


Jesus reminded us to be present in the moment ‘each day has enough challenges to think about and not to try to solve anything too far ahead…’






Image credit: Pablo Merchán Montes via Unsplash