Being truly present to the moment

In the middle of all that is happening around us, we can forget or at least put on the back burner that this is the time of lent. This is perfectly understandable when our lives are anything but ‘normal’ at the moment and are likely not to be ‘normal’ for quite some time.

Yet lent is about not being ‘normal’, i.e. if normal means business as usual.

An unaffected life is only partially lived. Call it mindfulness or by some other name, being truly present to the moment is about being present to reality as reality is, not as we construct it to be or wish it to be.

Life can be hard. Things happen that we rather not happen, sickness, relationship issues, grief in so many forms, trauma, etc.

Lent is an invitation to reach out. We can get caught up in ‘my worries’, ‘my pain’, ‘my anxiety’, my, my, etc. We can get trapped going around in circles inside our heads. A sure way to feel trapped, depressed and to start playing games in life, in relationships.


a) How am I treating myself? Do I acknowledge that I am unconditionally loved and that in the core of my being is a spark of the divine? Do I allow myself to receive healing and renewal in my life?

b) How am I treating others? Am I respectful in my thoughts, actions, words, attitude, my secret thoughts, to my wife, husband, children, parents – to all? Do I keep on making decisions to be respectful? Do I never give up trying to be respectful?

c) How do I relate to God who holds me and the whole universe and all that there is in God’s heart?

d) How do I relate to life and creation around me; am I open to seeing it all as a miracle?

We do not deny in the imperfections. We accept them, do what we can to continue growing and to continue to LOVE……

God bless you today.
Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin

1 April 2020