Beyond images into Love

What is my image of God?

For some, it is

The Lawmaker or

The Judge or

A Force or

A bit like a heavenly godfather helping a football team to win or to win the lottery…etc.


The incarnation brings God among us.


So many times we create a god in our own image instead of recognising that we are created in the image of God.


We create images of God based on life experiences such as parental images.


God is a mystery beyond just any one image that we can imagine or conceptualise.


Prayerful reflection of the Gospel can help purify our images of God.


As Jesus Himself says in John’s Gospel ‘I am the way the truth and the life‘.


‘To have seen is to have seen the Father…the  Father and I are one‘.


We can prayerfully let God reveal God’s self to us.


In the scriptures, God is Father, shepherd, lover, husband, like a mother hen, king etc. These images can be helpful in prayer reflection, liturgy etc.


However, they point to a direction rather than bring ends in themselves.


God is bigger than all images, beyond all names and images.


Advent calls to deepen our relationship with God.


We tell God who we are as we continue to unite our will with God’s will.


As we love as we get to know Jesus he teaches us to really love, we get glimpses of who God is.


Jesus often spent nights in prayer.

Prayers enable us to listen to God revealing Himself to us.





Image credit: Blaž via Unsplash