Beyond Labelling

He is an idiot! She is stupid! They are fools!


We can be so quick to label others.


Love your neighbour as yourself!


Is that what I am doing to myself?


Our insecurities, our fears, and our self-judgments can imprison us!


Our lack of freedom puts us in a defensive mode in our interactions.


Jesus told us not to call our brother or sister a fool… He told us that when we do this we are trapping ourselves in hellfire.


I think that among other things he is saying that we are imprisoning ourselves by not living in hope. Hell is about not embracing, and accepting love!


When we let God embrace us we let go of our insecurities… we accept being forgiven, accept being released into true freedom. We recognise that we are the beloved child of God…


We are then much more reluctant to judge ourselves and others harshly.


We respect ourselves and others more.


We become more passionate about helping facilitate salvation for all, we become more able to live the peace prayer of St Francis…


Lord make me an instrument of your peace… etc.,