A smile

I went for a swim at the waterfront here in Darwin this week. I had just driven close to one thousand kms and needed to have a good stretch in the warm water.


I noticed a young family with a young toddler having fun in the sea.

They were a joy to see. There was pure delight in the child’s face as they played with their parents. I could see the natural contentment on the faces and actions of the parents. I could not help but smile to myself at what was happening.


I learnt to swim in the sea, taught by my father as a small boy so many years ago.

I was reminded of a happy childhood and my young parents.


Joy helps to bring out joy. I was very tired and sore in the back from the long drive, the second one in three days.

However, the simple joy of that young family was contagious.


I have noticed so many times when I say hello to a stranger, that most return the smile with a smile.


We have so many reasons to celebrate life.

I am not for a moment suggesting that we go into denial about the pain that is also part of life.


It is rather about not forgetting the sense of gratitude that is also part of life. No matter what is happening there are still things in our life for which we can be grateful for.


A Respectful smile and greeting can remind each other of the blessings that are part of life.


Indeed, it can be a reminder that we are unconditionally loved and that we are children of hope and resurrection.





Image credit: Derek Owens via Unsplash