Jesus cures the blind man.

Let us use our imagination.

Imagine yourself in the scene of today’s Gospel.

Bartimaeus, a blind man, hears that Jesus is coming towards him. He starts shouting; ‘Jesus Son of David have mercy on me’. There is a large crowd and people tell Bartimaeus to keep quiet.

However, he keeps on calling out even louder.

Jesus asks them to bring Bartimaeus to Him.

Jesus asks him ‘what do you want me to do for you?’


Imagine yourself watching this scene, imagine yourself in the crowd.


The blind man shouts ‘that I can see’.

Jesus heals the man and says:

‘Go your Faith has saved you’.


You watch the man and can see for yourself that he is cured.


How are you feeling?


Then Jesus looks at you and asks you:

‘What can I do for you‘.


What would you say to Him?


Is there any blindness that you need healing from?


Maybe, you might be able to say:

‘Lord you know everything help me to name what I need healing from’.


The blind man’s Faith saved him because he trusted Jesus.


Did you notice that the healed blind man who can now see, now ‘followed Jesus along the way?




Image credit: Andrea Bertozzini via Unsplash