Blossom where we are planted

We are troubled by the growing gap between the rich and the poor in our societies. We see signs of the idolatry of wealth, power and pleasure that come at a high cost to human lives.


Closer to home so many of our friends and contemporaries, even if surrounded by immense material prosperity, suffer from spiritual poverty, loneliness and quiet despair.


It is as if God has been left out of the picture entirely. It is as if a spiritual desert were spreading throughout the world.


It affects the young robbing them of hope, in all too many cases, of life itself.


Yet this is the world that you into which you have been called to go forth and bear witness to the gospel of hope, the gospel of Jesus Christ and the promise of his kingdom.


From Pope Francis


We are called to blossom where we are planted. We can commit ourselves to live our gospel way of life today…