Today marks the feast of Saint Boniface, who lived from around 675 to 754.


Born in England as Wynfrith, he became a renowned missionary monk who played a significant role in converting Europe to Christianity. He was given the name Boniface by the pope, which means “a doer of good,” upon becoming a monk. Boniface was known as the apostle of Germany, where he served as a missionary and church reformer. At the age of over 70, he continued his mission in Friesland, which is now part of Holland, where he was martyred.


We need both church renewal and a renewed missionary zeal for our times.


We need a renewed passion for the Gospel with a renewed falling in love with Jesus and His mission.


We face many challenges, indifference, the aftermath of the scandals of sexual abuse, a challenging of perennial values, big questions of meaning and many others.
However, Jesus is alive and the Holy Spirit is still here with us. Jesus’ promise that He will be with us till the end of time still stands.


We still have every reason to have great hope and to live the joy of the Gospel.

Let us strengthen each other with the strength given to us by Jesus.


As Boniface testified age is never a barrier to being a missionary.