Both strong and fragile

Sometime back, I sat down with a young couple who are very much in love. They plan to be married later that year.


I listened to how they met at work some years ago. I could see the deep bond between them.


They told me what they liked about each other and how they accepted each other’s imperfections.

Although both grew up in faith families, one was committed to their Christian faith while the other had drifted away but was very respectful and open.

We talked about the qualities that are needed for a happy marriage.


Respect, forgiveness, acceptance, each being true to their values, not trying to change each other, actively working on the ego, committed to personal growth, acceptance of who the other is, and more, contribute to a happy marriage.


We spoke about commitment and how it brings freedom. It is a bit like an anchor in a stormy sea.

They both want their love to work. They both want to be together for life.


Love is both strong and fragile at the same time.


I pray for these two as they continue their journey together.


They have a harmony about them…