Care of our earth

The world leaders are gathered in Glasgow called together by the United Nations.

Our world is suffering badly. While it is true that climate does change naturally there is very clear and sound evidence that human activity is affecting climate in a very real way.

We cannot keep pumping pollutants including various gases into the atmosphere and the rest of the environment without very serious consequences.


The world is sacred, created by God.

We are called by God to be stewards of creation.


We have the ability and know-how to look after our planet.


So many species of fellow creatures are affected by our activity.


We have social responsibilities we are called to be guided by the principles of the common good.


The common good is the good of the individual and their rights but also the good of others and their rights.


We need trust and transparency, we need respect.


Our Faith and Faithfulness to Christ call us to self-sacrificing love.


Exaggerated individualism and excessive collectivism are both unbalanced ways of acting.


We need to pray for wisdom and guidance for ourselves, for world leaders. We need to listen to the Holy Spirit as we die to ourselves so that all can live.





Image credit: Andreas Gücklhorn via Unsplash