Celebrate being

I was recently in Malta for a family wedding. I spent 13 days there connecting with my childhood and my many relatives.


On the Sunday of my visit there, I spent a beautiful day with my family. I had started the day by celebrating mass in the church where my grandparents and great-grandparents had celebrated their marriage.


Now in the evening, I was at Argotti Gardens having a quiet time ahead of a week full of engagements and travel.


I sat in the middle of the garden praying and reflecting. I was close to a fountain of running water.

A young mother was playing with her very young son, maybe two years old.


My own mother often brought us children here to visit and play.


I could very easily identify with that mother and son. She was not in a hurry she gave the little boy all her attention.


I spoke with the young woman and told her that they were reminding me of my childhood visits all those many years ago.


She smiled and asked her son to wave to me as they were leaving. It was a gentle and very friendly encounter.


We shared a quiet moment of shared humanity. She told me that they came from Russia…


Here in this beautiful garden the war in the Ukraine and my many preoccupations were a long way away.


Here I was invited to celebrate ‘Being’ with gratitude …