Celebrations and reminders of Hope

I celebrated Mass at the aged care facility here at Wurrumiyanga. We gathered around a table and prayed together.

It was a simple celebration but very real. We anticipated the Mass of the Baptism of Jesus. We shared what Baptism means to us. These people have carried the burden of the day for many years.

A number have outlived their children. Many are widowed, they have experienced many changes, many challenges.


The message of Christ dying and rising and the hope that this brings was real for them. Being one with Christ through our Baptism is about dying to hopelessness and living in Hope.


In Christ, there is always Hope.


I then went to the Church of St Therese to celebrate the first anniversary of the death of a young boy.


I had confirmed Silvani and also celebrated his funeral.


The Church was decorated with photos of Silvani and the colours of his football team.

There was a large number of people who had come for the Mass. I looked at the young father who had not only lost his son but shortly after his wife had also died through illness. My heart reached out to him.


Again we named our grief within the context of Hope and eternal life. There were tears and much comforting of each other.


We also Anointed the sick after Mass celebrating the healing of Jesus for those who were sick.


At the end of Mass, two young parents came to see me about the Baptism of their baby daughter. We will celebrate that tomorrow.


I reminded all of us during both these Masses that Jesus is our Way, our Truth and indeed our Life.


In our sad times and in joys we are never alone.




Image credit: Adobe Stock