Change calls for a response.

Change can be interesting, exciting, stimulating, but it can also be scary and unsettling. Like many other creatures on this earth we develop habits, good, bad or indifferent.

We are certainly being challenged by a lot of change at the moment. This affects how we socialise, interact with each other, how we live and work and in so many other ways.

How we react to all this can determine whether we are going to grow as human beings or whether we put ‘life on hold’ or maybe even slide into ways of living or acting in ways that we would rather not be doing.

Change calls for a response. Fear and a certain reluctance to work can inhibit our growth as human beings, our spiritual growth.

Fear of the unknown can be immobilising; it can also cause us to want to escape. I see this in animals, it’s also present in us.

What is unknown to me is not necessarily unknown to the experience of others. We share a common humanity; yes, we are different in so many ways, yet “What it is most intimate, most personal, is most universal” (quote from Henri Nouwen’s booked called Reaching Out).

Deep down we share a common humanity and can learn from the experience of others even though we have new experiences in a changing world.

To grow also requires effort and work. There is a certain ‘laziness’ that can slow our initiative to grow.

Am I committed to grow spiritually? As I deal with ‘fear’ or ‘laziness’ then I can make a decision to chose to grow.

I take my decision to choose to live life more fully to prayer for the energy that comes from connecting with the source of all life, the Holy Spirit who makes all things new!

God bless you today.
Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin

31 March 2020