Christ the King

Today is the last Sunday of the liturgical year.

Next Sunday we start Advent with a countdown for Christmas.

At the ‘end’ of the year, we celebrate the feast of Christ the King.


It is not the celebration of a military ruler or a rich and powerful human leader surrounded by riches and luxury.


Jesus is King, victorious on the cross.

He triumphed over sin and death.

He faced fear, betrayal, extreme pain, Spiritual desolation and was so often misunderstood.

He emptied Himself even though His state was divine. He kept listening to the Father in all things.


He was not crushed by his sufferings.


We are reminded that we share in His victory.


We share in his resurrection.


Because of Jesus, we are also a Royal Priesthood. We know through Him that we matter absolutely to God.


In our own trials, we celebrate hope because Jesus is always with us.






Image credit: Praveen Thirumurugan via Unsplash