Christian Marriage

Jesus in today’s Gospel speaks clearly about the permanency of Christian Marriage.
In Christian understanding, a true Sacrament of Marriage needs to be:
– love-giving
– self-giving
– life-giving
People enter into marriage with the understating that the option of not being together is no longer an option.
Does this mean that people have to put up with everything in Marriage?


Of course not!
If there is no respect there is no true Marriage
There is the idea of Marriage which is wonderful, then there is the reality.
Many people find themselves in relationships that have become toxic. So often despite their best efforts find it impossible to change.


A Marriage between two Christians is called a Sacrament being a sign of committed love reflecting God’s love for us all.


In Christian understanding, Marriage is between a man and a woman.
It is the best place where a child can grow.
There are other examples of true love which are not marriage but nonetheless true love.


We need to support all people with care and love regardless of where they find themselves.


Image credit: Wedding Photography via Unsplash