It is about a birth. Emanuel God among us. It is also about a death!

This awesome God behind all mystery behind all that there is becomes truly human.


We are loved so much!


God who has everything is so full of infinite LOVE that it has burst forth into creation.

Every bit of creation is loved deeply.

We humans who are part of creation are in the image of God in a special way.


We are the universe reflecting on itself.

We are capable of amazing possibilities in the arts, science, technology, the ability of great altruistic love.


We have free will!


We are also so capable of great evil!

We can and do sin.


Yet we are always unconditionally and eternally loved.


This God among us this Emanuel models for us human ideals of living and loving.


The human person is most who we are meant to be when we live by the teachings of Christ. When we accept Christ to transform us, to liberate us from sin and evil, from the ego.


The shadow of the Cross is present at Christmas.




Yes, Christmas is about joy and happiness.


Those of us who can let us rejoice and share with loved ones.

Let us however not forget everyone else!!


For those for whom sadness is also part of Christmas let us remember that even if everyone else forgets us God never ever will!!

You are never alone, always cherished and LOVED.


For all of us let us remember that in giving we receive!


May the peace and joy that Jesus brings fill your hearts!




Image credit: Walter Chávez via Unsplash