Clare of Assisi

St Clare (1193/4-1253) was born in Assisi from a comfortable background.She came under the influence of St Francis of Assisi.At age 18 she left home and under his guidance began to form a new religious order known as the poor Clares.They lived a very simple life of poverty relying on providence.Both St Francis and St Clare are great prophets for our times.In a world suffocating under the influence of materialism and experiencing the effects of global warming, they remind us of detachment.They both took the gospel very seriously. They also trusted fully in God’s love and providence.Their followers were not all able to live fully as they did, especially under the strict rule of poverty.However, they both are a prophetic reminder to us all.The hip pocket and wallet should not be obstinate to living an integral and unselfish life.We are reminded to live a life unencumbered by excess luggage!!


This luggage inhibits our freedoms.We hear the echo of the invitation to be free of enough to let everything behind.


Image credit: Franciscan Media