This morning I was reflecting on the encounter between the risen Jesus and Mary of Magdalene.


She comes to the empty tomb. She sees someone standing there and presumes that he is the gardener and asks him where to find Jesus’s dead body.


He calls her by name, and she recognises Him. That intimate calling by name connects her with Him. She had not been expecting to see Jesus alive.


She wants to hold on to Him with so many mixtures of emotions. He tells her not to cling to him. He had to ascend to the Father.


She knew Jesus of Nazareth. It is still Him.

However, He is now the Christ, the Risen Lord. Mary needs to get to know Him in a new way.


Healthy spirituality does not ‘cling’ and does not control experiences.


It is open to trust, and able to think ‘outside the square’. It is open to being surprised.


God calls us to new life, to be unstuck. We are called to know the God who is and not one we construct.


Our understanding of God is influenced by culture, upbringing etc…


Hence any form of fundamentalism Christian or otherwise is prone to constructing an idol. The living God is not constructed but simply IS.


Jesus tells Mary to go and tell the Disciples what she had seen and that He was ascending to the Father.


A healthy religious experience is not just for the person. It is meant to be shared! It reaches out…


Clinging to anybody can mean insecurity and control.