How do we see the commandments of God?


Yesterday we mentioned that to some judgment, laws and regulations, punishment and prohibitions dominate their understanding of religion.


Religion is a tool in the service of faith.

Faith is based on relationship.


It is based on a relationship with a living God who loves us absolutely and unconditionally.


What parent or lover understands their relationship with their beloved as a set of rules and regulations!!


We know from experience that being guided by good medical and dietary opinions in regards to our health is very helpful.


We ignore good medical practice at a cost to our wellbeing!


The commandments of God, of Jesus of the Church, need to be seen as the best advice to stay spiritually healthy.

Spiritual health is intimately connected with loving.


Religious practises and observances are useless unless they are motivated by love. Saint Paul reminds us of this in Corinthians.


We are called to freedom in Christ. Saint Paul reminds us that we are not slaves of the law. Saint John reminded us that love drives away fear.  Fear can be the opposite of love. Fear blocks our freedom.


Does it mean that we can just do what we like??

Does someone who truly loves another not want the very best for them?

Is not integrity part of loving others?


True love of God, self, others and God’s creation loves the commandments properly understood as true guides on the journey of love.


Love is indeed a journey where we are continually invited to grow and to be purified by Love Himself!


It is good here to be reminded that a healthy love of self Reminds us to be patient and forgiving of our own human frailty.


Jesus and Saint Paul remind us to put our hands on the plough, not look behind and move forward towards the prize for which Christ Jesus captured us.





Image credit: Everton Vila via Unsplash