Confronting evil with faith

We are warned in the scriptures that we do not only deal with human forces but also spiritual ones.


The mystery of evil perplexes me. I do not understand it.


Sadly I know how real it is.


The war in Ukraine, domestic violence, sexual abuse and violence, and the mistreatment of the poor and disadvantaged. I can go on with many other examples of the reality of evil.


However, as we know from the gospels Jesus confronted evil and won.


‘I have seen Satan fall from heaven‘


So many times we are told that he cast out demons.


As we know from the lives of the saints many had to face the forces of evil trying to disrupt their mission.


We are encouraged in the scriptures to put on the armour of light.


Sometimes we are tempted to allow ourselves to get distracted from doing good because of the spirit of desolation arising from such things as:
Disproval by others;
Straight out persecution;
Dismay at being misunderstood;
Straight-out obstruction to doing good.


Jesus and the Holy Spirit offer us consolation with the reassurance that they are with us always even until the end of time. We are able with God’s grace to make a difference!