What is conscience?

Conscience is an act of the intellect.

It is a decision that we make as to the moral right or wrong of decision making regarding moral issues.


Children need the guidance of significant adults when deciding as to what is right or wrong behaviour.


Some adults still act out of immature decision making and rely on the inner ‘parental voice‘ as to decision making.


Children need to obey their parents. Adults need to always respect their parents but need to make up their own conscience decisions.


Some adults still rely on their parents or teachers or some other authority figure voice in their head to guide them.

They have not progressed to Mature adult decision making, this sometimes is called the ‘super ego‘.


Others suffer from scruples. This is a neurotic disorder where one imagines that they are doing wrong even when they are not. It is connected with an irrational fear of doing wrong.


Others have a lax conscience; these excuse away wrong behaviour and believe that it is not wrong.


Then there is an educated conscience.

These people make a point of being well informed by the right sources before they make moral decisions.


Jesus gave us His Church as a guide and teacher.


‘Whatever you hold lawful on earth it will be considered lawful in heaven. Whatever you consider unlawful on earth will be considered unlawful in heaven‘. Matthew 18:18


Christians consider the teachings of Christ and His Church as very important in the decision making of conscience.


It is true that Church law cannot cover every case. In the end, one needs to be true to themselves and make mature adult decisions.


The teaching authority of the Church needs to be taken very seriously by Christians.


We can fall into the trap of subjectivism where we become the ultimate criteria as to what is right or wrong.


Church teaching is the normal way that Christians are guided by in moral decision making.


There is so much misinformation often having part truths that can confuse faithful Christians. This misinformation erodes away respect for lawful authority.


This can confuse those well-meaning.


Jesus’s promise to stay with His Church till the end of time still stands as does His commissioning of Peter and Apostolic Authority.





Image credit: Jon Tyson via Unsplash