Contemplation every day

It is so good to slow down for a while.


The office is shut for about a week.

A few people come to the door, normal parish realities, people stuff. Two sisters called yesterday to make arrangements for their much-loved mother’s funeral. It was a privilege sharing this sacred time with them.

Some called looking for something to eat.

It is good not to be rushed. Some gardening and tidying up my desk at home! Even some shopping.


It is good getting eight hrs sleep!


All this reminds me to keep being present in the moment. When so often we have to keep moving from one thing to another we can lose some of the quality of living.


As I write I am watching the Banana leaves in the garden, reflecting the sunlight. The is a gentle breeze dancing with the leaves. Everything looks so verdant after the recent good rains.


The cycle of the seasons helps in getting us unstuck from getting into a rut.

There are constant reminders not just talk or put on contemplation as something from outside.


We are called to be contemplative from within. Contemplation leads us to an ongoing encounter with mystery.


Living in the mystery leads us into a deeper and more authentic encounter with the divine and with all that there is.




Image credit: M Rishal via Unsplash