Corpus Christi

Today we celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi. Jesus is central to Christianity. He connects us in the best possible way with the Mystery of God.


In Jesus, God becomes flesh, truly one of us.


Humanity has been asking questions of meaning for as long as we could think.


What is life about? Is there any meaning to life?


What happens when we die? Is there such a thing as right or wrong? Who made all this, if anyone?


Is there a God or Gods?


And a host of other questions…


Religions and philosophers have been asking these questions forever!

There have been many good and insightful men and women who have spoken wisely about some of these questions.


However, there is something unique about Jesus.


He is not just another good wise man or prophet.


By his actions, words, and his death and resurrection He is clearly the reality of God among us.


His story is a true story. The God that He connects us with is LOVE. Profound, unconditional LOVE, INFINITE LOVE.


He reveals to us that we matter unconditionally to God, everyone who has been is and is yet to come.


He role model for us and for all about how to live a full human life. To be Christian is to be fully human.


He enters our vulnerability including our death. He is HOPE.


His Passion, Death, and Resurrection is both his story and drama and our story.


On the night before He died Jesus gave us the Eucharist.


He said, “Do this in memory of me.”


Every time that we celebrate the Eucharist, we connect with Him as well as with each other.


This amazing mystery, the Eucharist, is the most powerful prayer that we have.


We are invited to respond with a big yes to God’s love, to trust that God will indeed turn to good everything for us, to be energised for ourselves, and to share the Good News of Jesus with all.


Food is earthy, bread is earthy, and wine is about celebration. In the Eucharist, we receive the reality of Jesus not just simply as a reminder. The Eucharist is indeed a sign that also brings about reality. This was the faith that St. Paul speaks about in Corinthians, that the early church believed in, that we and all the ancient churches believe in.


The Eucharist both grounds us and invites us into celebration, of Faith, Hope, and Love.


Today’s feast is a timely reminder to us of this!