Dealing with surprises

As I write this reflection, I am on a plane travelling to Alice Springs for the funeral of dear Br Redmond whose funeral was planned for tomorrow at Santa Teresa. This is all taking place in the middle of an online Episcopal conference with lots of gymnastics to screen in both Darwin and Alice!


Just before take-off, when the plane was closed, I got a call that the funeral was postponed because the road was closed due to heavy rain. It rains so seldom in that part of the territory!


Life can be so unpredictable, so often I keep remembering a phrase that spoke to me powerfully years ago.

‘It is normal for things not to be normal.’


We are called to live the moment and to respond to the now.

Who knows God’s plans?


In the letter to the Romans, we are told that God turns to good everything for those who love God.

Does everything happen because it is directly planned by God?


Does God directly send illness, accidents, natural disasters etc?


I do not think that God normally does that. If God was to intervene with nature directly all the time nature would not be nature as we know it. Nature has limitations and things happen because of this.


Yet there are times when God does seem to intervene in amazing or just quiet ways.


Regardless God is with us always and we are invited to respond with a quiet and trusting confidence, every moment, with a response full of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.


We are always loved.


And please do not lose your Sense of HUMOUR and do not sweat the small stuff!






Image credit: Ben White via Unsplash