Do not run away

When we face difficulties with love instead of avoiding them, we grow. So many times, as we grow there is growing pain.

There is an understandable tendency for us to run away from painful experiences.


However, the very act of birth which brings forth new life is so often accompanied by pain both for the mother as well as for the child,


As we grow spiritually, we confront our egos, our shadows. Denial of reality stunts our spiritual life. Facing them enhances our growth.


The truth sets you free!

Unless a grain of wheat dies it will not bear fruit.


The road to life is narrow and few take it. The road to perdition is wide and easy and many take it.


Does this mean that it is good for us to deliberately seek pain? Certainly not!


It is about not running away from reality.

A form of running away is a denial of reality. We can also procrastinate from making good decisions that require an effort or a letting go of something that is not about our good.


With the grace of God, commitment to seeking the truth and living by the truth sets us free.