Don’t sweat the small stuff

‘Do not sweat the small stuff!‘

How many times have I heard this!

How many times have I quoted it to others.


I can hear the words of Jesus to Martha echoing in my ears, ‘Martha you worry and fret about so many things…’


There are so many things that happen which we cannot control.

So many times, when I check my emails, I find new things that I need to deal with.


As I sat in the Chapel yesterday in meditation, I was reminded of the liberation that comes from openness to the Holy Spirit and to Christ.


‘Come to me you who are heavily burdened.’


When we keep on taking our ‘stuff’ to Jesus we get a sense of perspective.


We begin to see and understand more and more than in the scheme of things ‘most ‘ things are small stuff.


If we do not eat regularly and properly, we become faint we will eventually become sick.


Regular prayerful meditation in silence with God liberates us.


We become more centred, more real.


In my busy life, I need to keep getting back to making time for meditation and prayer.


The busier we become the more that we need to pray. The more we need to be Centred.





Image credit: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash