The Incarnation

Today we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation.


The archangel Gabriel was sent by God to a young woman called Mary asking her if she would consent to be the mother of God’s son.


Mary was engaged to Joseph at the time.


How can this happen says Mary, who was a virgin!!


She was assured that it was the power of God that would make this happen.


Mary made that great act of faith and trust in God and said YES.


She could not understand and fully comprehend what God was asking of her. Yet she said yes!


The Word of God was made flesh!


The amazing miracle of miracles when this awesome and amazing God of the universe became one of us!


God who is Love is saying I love you absolutely and always will.


God invites each one of us to be partners with him in his great plan.


We do not always understand how and what.


Even before we are born we are called and chosen.


Fragile, vulnerable and weak as we often are we are, with God’s grace, also capable of greatness.


God’s grace can do us so much more than we can dream or imagine.


Am I able to say an unconditional YES to God‘s plan and invitation?


The truth is that God always has our best interests in mind. He liberates us from our fears, limitations and sin.


He calls and enables us to be our true selves to be truly Free.