Down to Earth

Yesterday, we reflected on the need to be open to travel through the unknown territory in a spiritual way so that we can be open to reality as it is and not as we would like it to be.


It is good to have a word of caution here.


There have been in history a number of exaggerations of inner knowledge. The Gnostics are one such group.


The Monophysite heresy over-exaggerated the divinity of Christ to the detriment of his humanity.


The incarnation of the Son of God means that God truly becomes one of us in Jesus. God became flesh.


This is called the incarnation principle and is foundational to Catholic Theology.


The whole sacramental system connects is with real mystery in a truly earthy way.


Water, bread, wine, oil, chrism and word connect us with these deep mysteries.


So while our hearts are sore to heaven our feet need to remain down earth.


We are not about the magical or the esoteric.

Neither are we about fundamentalism.


We are called to live by faith as we rely on the evidence given to us by a witness who walked with Jesus two thousand years, saw him die and rise again.