Death where is your Sting?


The tomb is empty. The Resurrection of Jesus is not just some symbolic spiritualised newness.


The whole of who Jesus is has risen!


He appears to several of his disciples.


He appears first to Mary of Magdala from whom he had cast out multiple demons.


She who was healed from much loved much!


He then appears to the other disciples.


He stayed with them appearing several times for about forty days. They could touch him, eat with him … this was no ghost!


I have in the course of my life questioned this resurrection of Jesus from the dead. What does it really mean?


As I reflected and researched, I came to the conclusion that the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of this bodily resurrection being real!


Jesus did die and rise!


The implications are many …


He promised that we also will rise after we die just like he did. We are destined to be with God and with each other forever.


Jesus who suffered so much will now suffer no more. He promises to turn to good everything for us, this means everything.


In Jesus God is saying to us that the powers of evil will not prevail against us.


We can face all types of evil with courage and hope.


‘I have overcome Sin’


As we face our own frailty and human weakness, we do not need to feel or be overwhelmed.


He tells Mary Magdalen not to cling to him… he is going to the Father…


He was however not leaving us alone.


He is now present to us in a new way!


We will never be abandoned! He is closer to us than ever.


As we face our own challenges, we do not have to be overly dismayed. We have every reason to have hope.


We may be wounded by many things but we are called and enabled to be wounded healers.


Thanks be to God for the resurrection of our brother and saviour!