When the women and the Apostles went to the empty tomb, their first reaction was not ‘Great, Jesus is risen!’ It was more like, ‘What has happened? Has someone added insult to injury by stealing His body so as to desecrate it?

We tend at times to see experiences as good or bad. When the early Christian community recognised that Jesus was truly risen, it was then that their confusion turned to joy.

The invitation for us my friends, is to have the freedom to approach each circumstance, each experience in life with faith.

By reflection and prayer we keep remembering that we are anchored in Jesus.

Many years ago, I remember seeing a film strip where a young boy was watching his Grandma work on a tapestry.

He asked her what she was doing. She said, “I am making something beautiful for your room?” From where he was, the boy could only see a bunch of threads because he could only see the back of the tapestry. So he said, “It looks ugly to me! It looks just like a bunch of threads.”

His Grandma responded, “But my fingers know what to do with the threads.” “Can I have a look at the other side now?” asks the boy. “No not now”, says Grandma. “Can I just feel it then?” the boy asks Grandma. He feels the front without seeing it and notices that it is smooth to the touch. Very different, from the visual bunch of threads that he had seen with his eyes.

He trusts his Grandma and says, “I know that it will be beautiful!”

Like that boy, we cannot always see where the threads of life are leading us.

Just as the boy trusted his Grandma, we also trust the promise given to us by God, that just as God turned the horrible sufferings of Jesus to good for Him and for us, so will God turn all the experiences and events of life to good for us.

Easter life is about living in hope in every moment. This hope will not let us down! God will not let us down.

God Bless you today.
+Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin