Easter Sunday.jpg

I have a clear memory from about 20 years ago, just after my mother had died, of driving through the countryside which I normally enjoyed, and it looked so empty and I felt so flat.

It was ok for me to feel like that as I was experiencing grief. It would not have been ok for me to stay there.

I was walking yesterday coming back from the shops getting some ingredients for today’s Easter lunch with the household that I live with. I was preoccupied with something on my mind. Suddenly I looked up and my eye caught the sparkle of water on the Arafura Sea. My preoccupation was put in brackets so to speak, and I found delight in what was in front of me and my spirits lifted. I got in touch with reality, the big picture.

We can focus on the half empty glass or the half full glass!

Easter is about the full picture, it is about the deeper reality, the deepest truths.

Easter is about the victory of life over death. Healing of brokenness, hope, even when hope seems distant!

Denial of pain, of evil, of sadness, or any other reality is unhealthy. It is also equally unhealthy to be trapped and to stay trapped in what is not life giving.

Look at the flowers, the trees, the water, feel the breeze, look at the eyes of a beloved, reach out to someone in need. Reach out of yourself and allow yourself to be embraced by love, living love, the LOVE of the risen Jesus.

Mary Magdalene, the first to meet the risen Jesus was distraught seeing the empty grave. Who has taken the body of Jesus away? She meets Jesus and recognises Him when He calls her by name.

He calls you by name, He calls you to embrace life! When Jesus called her by name and she recognised Him, Mary was energised to go and run and tell the Apostles about her meeting with the Risen Jesus. Pope Francis calls her an Apostle to the Apostles. We also witness to the Risen Christ as we reach out to others.  

Jesus identifies with our pain, our death, so that we can identify with His joy. He dies no more and offers us eternal life.

He invites our acceptance of His love, our yes, our Amen. This is not something just for us, it is meant to be shared and we meet the Risen Christ even more clearly when we truly love and reach out to others.

He is our WAY, our TRUTH, our LIFE!


Blessings to all of you and to your families at this special time of sharing the joy and the love of God with each other.
+Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin