Last week, I took part in a number of activities involving catholic education in the NT.


I welcomed over a hundred new staff joining us in this very important ministry.


I told them that we are on a wonderful new adventure together. It is indeed an adventure as we walk together with our young people and their families as well as with each other.


We are involved in a holistic education where our concern is the ongoing development of the whole human person in.


The physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human person need to work in harmony together.


The First Nations component of our diocesan family was given a special place of honour and rightly so.


We gathered in prayer and Eucharist as we asked for the grace to grow together in a deeper journey of discovery, knowledge and wisdom.


This week so many thousands of young people will be returning to school.


We are all called to be lifelong learners as we travel together on our life journey.


Despite unavoidable challenges, we need to all work together for the common good and in the most inclusive way.