Eight days of Easter!

Easter is the most important feast in the Christian calendar.


Each day this week is as if it is Easter.


The celebration goes on!


Hopefully, we have had some time to celebrate with family and friends. Celebrations are important. They are a foretaste of heaven for us!


However, there are many for whom there is no celebration or at best much diminished.


There are many areas where there is violence in our world :


In Ukraine, Gaza and Israel, as in many other parts of the world, there is war with all the ugliness that goes with it;


There are the victims of human trafficking…


The victims of domestic violence…

The victims of sexual and other forms of abuse are so often perpetuated by those who should be protecting them !!


The desperate parent watching their child die of starvation!


Those trapped in abject poverty.


There is much more that we could list which overshadows the brightness of Hope.


As Christians who believe in the resurrection, we are called to be witnesses of this Hope.


We are called to be leavened in the midst of society. We are commissioned and empowered to be agents of change and hope.


There is always a dying to self, a moving beyond our comfort zones in this witness, this living of our Christian vocation… We can make a difference.


As we do this, we find our true self.