Please celebrate!

As we continue the celebration of Easter it is good to focus on what gives us joy in our lives.


There are people who love us. It is good to remember them and to rejoice in this love, to never take it for granted. From time to time it is good to tell them how much they mean to us. To keep remembering not to be just receivers but to try to be mostly givers. Remember in giving we receive.


Then there are other areas such as our home, the fact that we live in a peaceful country… we live in a country with the rule of law… where we have enough to eat …even clean water on tap …an opportunity to receive an education… etc…


Then there is the amazing beauty of nature. Trees, flowers, seas, rivers, the breeze singing in the trees ..the smells and fragrances. The birds and animals… etc…


We can go on appreciating and naming so much more that fills us with wonder and awe.


It is good to remember that happiness is a choice. Yes, we don’t deny the shadows and pains in our life. But there is more.


Easter reminds us to focus on this more.


Easter is real.


We are invited to hope based on a promise, not just positive and optimistic feelings.


There is joy in our life.