Encourage each other


So often we hear bad news. Of course we need not to ignore or pretend that bad things do not happen. However, in the interest of justice as well as our sanity, we need balance. We can focus on individuals as well as organisations and find out all the bad things about them. We can then put all things together and end up with a very disjointed understanding of the full reality.

I hear people so often generalise about those of a particular race, or social economic status, or religion or lack of religion, etc. It’s also done within families, ‘you’re always like that’, ‘you always do that’, etc.

Without ignoring the ‘bad’ and while also being just, we can make sure that we do not become at least partially ‘blind’ to the good that is also in others.

Human beings are frail, are weak, make mistakes and even sin. I REPEAT, we can never condone evil and we need to always be there to help and protect the victims of evil, in all its forms.

As we reflect on our lives, it is good to ask the question: Are we encouraging each other to do better and acknowledging the good others do?

Yesterday I was talking to Peter who works for Green River Association at Daly River and he told me how much he appreciated the work done by CatholicCare NT in that town, particularly at this time.

I wish to acknowledge the work of CatholicCare NT, Catholic Education NT staff and St Vincent de Paul Society who are doing so much to support people at this time. Together, with others, including many of our Priests and other pastoral workers who are in remote areas – are doing a fantastic job.

We also acknowledge our medical staff and other care givers everywhere on the forefront of helping others. Some of them have made the supreme sacrifice of their own lives in the pursuit of helping others.

What an encouragement to us all to always be INSTRUMENTS OF HOPE, LOVE AND COURAGE.

Nelson Mandela said that we are afraid of our power not so much of our weakness. The power to do good, to be instruments of transformative change, is within us. However, it takes courage to unleash this energy for doing good and love.

LOVE requires work and it is risky. It requires commitment. We know what it cost Jesus! But after that, commitment brings freedom to be who we are meant to be.

God bless you.
Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin

3 April 2020