So here we are at the end of another year.

It has been a challenging year for many.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed a lot of things for so many. It has also been a divisive factor with people of different views sometimes coming into conflict.


Then there have also been challenging things happing in families and in the lives of individuals.


There have also been many blessings.

I now have two new nephews.

Two close friends of mine got married this year despite many challenges and are very happy.

So many can name many blessings.


The passage of time can be paradoxical.


I can see the ageing process leaving its make. I have also learnt a lot this year!


We desire eternal love and eternal connections and lasting happiness.


In Jesus, we find real fulfilment. He reminds us that all that glitters is not gold!


He teaches us the way is love. Not the easy way but the authentic, the integral, the LOVING, way. He teaches and models for us how to be real, our true selves.


He reminds us that we cannot live through another person no matter how good they are. He reminds us that happiness is not going in being famous, popular, rich or ‘powerful’ as the world knows it.


He teaches us that in giving we receive and in pardoning that we are pardoned.

He teaches us that commitment brings freedom.




Image credit: Tim Foster via Unsplash