Enriched and Grateful

As I write, I am on a small plane travelling from the Tiwi Islands back to Darwin.


I was engaged in several activities over a period of four days.


I celebrated a funeral for a woman of deep faith. I celebrated mass at the aged nursing home.


I installed a new parish priest and inaugurated a new congregation now ministering to the people here while acknowledging the ministry done by others for so many years.


I also took part in school activities on the first day of term.


I also engaged in pastoral conversations with individuals and groups.


In all of these activities, I was reflecting on the lives of the local people.

They face many challenges. Yet there is a resilience and an openness. They are a spiritual people.


I admire the commitment of the priests and religious ministering here.


Then there is the natural beauty of the amazing environment.


As I look down from the plane on the deep blue sea I feel enriched and full of gratitude for all these gifts and experiences.