Eternal life

Today I am taking part in the funeral of a fifty-year-old man. He was a medical specialist very eminent and respected in his profession.

He was a husband, father, a much loved son and a brother.


He was a man who did his best to help others often not charging what he could for professional services to those in need.


He was a man of faith, very sincere faith.

I have spoken many a time with Laurie about his journey during his long illness which has now taken his life.


The life of this good man has touched the lives of so many.

Hundreds will be there to say their farewell to him.


As we entrust him into the hands of God I am confident that Laurie has heard the words:

‘Come good and faithful son into the joy of your father…’


Of course, Laurie prayed for a cure but he also trusted in God’s Will for him.

That trust will not be betrayed as he shares in the victory of Christ in resurrection.


Thank you Laurie for the privilege of walking some of this journey with you.

Please pray for us all…